Jimmy Ausbrooks



Jimmy Ausbrooks is a proud native of Kentucky. Born and raised in South Central Kentucky. A graduate of Western Kentucky University, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Government. While at WKU he interned with the Washington Center and participated in the 1996 Democratic National Convention working in the DNCC Committee Chairman Don Fowler’s office and in 1997 invited to attend the Inauguration of President William Jefferson Clinton by Senator Wendell Ford.

He had spent nearly twenty years in sales and customer services before returning to school and earning his Master’s degree in Education: Counseling and Human Development from Lindsey Wilson College and becoming a licensed professional counselor.

Today, he is in private practice in his own community. He services the community’s mental health and substance abuse needs. He is an advocate for the profession of mental health counselors and mental healthcare. He serves on the board of the Kentucky Counseling Association, President of the Kentucky Association for LGBT Issues in Counseling, and has served as Vice President of the South Central Kentucky Mental Health Counseling Association.

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