About the Candidate: Jimmy Ausbrooks

Jimmy Ausbrooks is a candidate seeking the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate (KY) in the 2020. He is a native of Kentucky. He was born and raised in Franklin, Kentucky. He resides in his childhood home where he lends support and aid to his grandmother. He comes from a humble background and he values family. He was raised primarily by his grandmother in a low middle class family setting. His grandmother worked to help support Jimmy and his younger brother. He often acknowledges the life lessons of hard work, commitment, and honestly to his grandparents.

He is a mental health counselor and advocate for the profession. He graduated from Lindsey Wilson College where he earned his Master of Education in Human Development and Counseling. He is an alumni of Western Kentucky University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Government. He is currently active in the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the Kentucky Counseling Association (KCA) where he serves as a Division President, Chapter Vice-President, and Executive Committee Chair. 

Prior to becoming a mental health professional, he spent twenty years in sales and customer service. He often served in leadership and managerial roles. He demonstrated a willingness and desire to help build up other and he did so through positive encouragement and finding common ground to build mutually respectful relationships. He owned his own retail furniture business (Furniture Direct Now) and worked as a private retail consultant.